Monday, October 18, 2010

I feel I'm?

Don't think that i'm not strong.
I'm the one to take you on kah?
Maybe not. I'm not the person who can
take you on.

I'm don't want to be your number one oke.
Don't want, don't want!
Because i just want to be your
ONLY ONE. Only one.. Can or not?
I never be your's only one. Just dreaming!
No wonder...
Annoucement ; I will resign oke..

bhahaahaa. ;)

3 sok seh sok seh:

Izzuddin Abdul Rahim said...

maw curi awk pny flwers..muahaha

Izzuddin Abdul Rahim said... nie ek..xpaa...mmmmmm

Naora Hayashi said...

curik laa encik.. ;)

alaaaaaa, sory!